The eagles have landed

Rebel and Silver have arrived in LA safe and sound 😎!  I woke up this morning around 6am and started tracking their flight.  I sat at my computer watching the little airplane making its way across the map.  I was so relieved when the plane landed.  Flying makes me nervous, I use to love flying but the older I get the more vulnerable I feel in a plane.  So I got anxious now that my horse was making the long flight across the continents.  I kept wondering how he was feeling.  Did he eat?  Did he drink?  Did he sleep?  Is he scared?  I guess I’ll never know really. Just happy that the longest part of his journey is over and he is almost to his new home.  In the span of a month he has left the farm he was born at, spent a few weeks at the sales barn, then a week in Belgium, then a few days in LA and will finally end up in our barn in Gilroy.  He must be confused.  I wonder if he has jet lag…

Just received this email from JetPets Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 3.56.54 PM


I have received a few request to post about the true import cost and I am happy to do it since there isn’t a lot of information online.  Hopefully this will help anyone thinking about importing a horse.

All items have been converted to USD and what I actually paid:

$  663.24 – Haul from sales barn in Brno to import company, EHS, in Belgium.

$5,194.45 – EHS fees (bloodtests, health cert, customs paperwork, haul to airport, flight)

$3,250 – JetPets in Los Angeles (pick up from airport, blood tests, board, paperwork)


$9,107.69  + gas cost to drive to LA and back.

When we were looking at the facebook ads of these horses shipping to California was estimated at $8500 and if you subtract the haul to Belgium it does come in right under $8500.  We also bought two horses which earned each horse a $200 discount so keep that in mind if you are planning on importing one.

Tomorrow we drive to LA stay the night and pick them up on our way back.  Watch instagram for pictures!  That’s all I have for now 🙂

5 thoughts on “The eagles have landed

  1. I feel like a 5 yr old on Christmas morning, but the only thing running through my head the last week has been PONY PONY PONY!!!!!!! I cannot wait until Saturday to play with our (your) boys 😍😍😍 It’s gonna kill me to wait until next Thursday to actually ride, but I *think* it’ll be worth the wait! 😜


    1. From Lizzy “Just talked to Lynn, she said both horses are doing great and are very nice and sweet and easy to deal with. She thinks we imported a couple special ones 😊”


      1. Figured they would be less there. I didn’t realize how close Czech was. For some reason in my head I had it being farther than it is from Germany and Belgium. I don’t know if I’ll ever import but I would love to some day if I can’t find what I want here.


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