Day 3 horse shopping in Czech

Day three consisted of many hours of driving.  We drove from Brno to somewhere in Slovakia.  Driving from Brno to three different sales barns and back to Prague we calculated about 8 hours of driving that day.  It was worth it though because we added two horses to our list of contenders.  One is a 7 year old grey gelding and the other was a 7 year old grey mare and the only mare to make it to “the list”.


The grey mare had such a presence! She was huge and beefy and had a powerful jump.


The gelding was more refined and could do all three rings which made him appealing.


In the end I had 7 horses on my list of contenders but my heart kept coming back to one particular horse.  Lizzy told me that trying horses would be like dating a bunch of great guys.  They will all be wonderful but only one will capture your heart.  For me that horse is Goody.  We rode him the first day while I was nervous and trying to get in the swing of things.  Every night when I closed my eyes to sleep he kept appearing in my mind.  I rode horses that would certainly do the job and look pretty doing it but I kept coming back to Goody.  I really wanted to ride him again to be certain that I wasn’t misremembering anything (Should have taken notes after every horse) but we were leaving the next morning. Lizzy and I were already sleep deprived  so why not wake up at 5am to travel to Goody’s barn for a quick 2nd ride before we headed to the airport?  And it was totally worth it.  I got to jump him more and confirm that he really was the one for me.



 As of yesterday, July 5th, he passed his vet check and today I signed the contract and paid for him!  Now comes the excruciating wait for him to be shipped.  In the meantime I am enjoying shopping for him.  Ordered him a leather halter with his new name engraved on it.  I like to let my inner nerd come out in the names I pick for horses, so his new show name is Rogue One and we’ll call him Rebel for short. I’ll keep you all updated with any news about him.

4 thoughts on “Day 3 horse shopping in Czech

  1. So excited for you!!!! Wish they’d throw in the gray mare for me 😜 We’ll have to have a horsewarming party once Rebel arrives 🎉🐴❤️


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