Day 2 horse shopping in Czech

Day two started with rides on our agents personally owned horses or rather horses their business,  Sales of Horses, owns.  Aridi was the first horse and he is a gorgeous dark bay 17 hand gelding.  I was more comfortable this day and jumped horses a little bit higher.  After I rode my trainer hopped on him.  It starting to become our routine that if I liked a horse my trainer, Lizzy, would ride them after me and put them through more flat work to get a feel of their attitudes and what not.

After our ride on Aridi the rider agent needed to put in training rides on a few of their other sale horses before we headed out to more barns.  To keep us busy they let us ride their dressage horse from the same bloodline as Totilas.  That was such a treat.  I have never ridden dressage and I get to dip my toe in with this towering, powerful, well bred dressage horse.  I know I rode him terribly but it was really fun non the less.  Total props to all you dressage peeps out there that make it look easy!

Sorry the video is fuzzy.

So we make our way to the next barn where we try 2 horses.  The first one, Henne,  I wasn’t very impressed with.  He did his flatwork with his head up in the air and it was hard for me to see what he would look like in a nice frame.  He jumped lovely but it was a little to round for me.  Lizzy wanted me to try him because his jumping style was nice and wanted me to see how it felt.  I didn’t feel totally comfortable on this horse but I was able to get him to give to the bit.  Jumping him was as I thought it would be, to round for my taste (maybe I don’t know what’s good for me?).  He was the only horse I rode that I thought I might fall off of.  You can see in the video after one jump he started bucking and I had a thought that I was going to come off.  Luckily I didn’t and we tried again.   The next horse they brought out was an eight year old bay CZWB gelding named Cassidy.  Loved him and felt like he would take care of me which he did.  During one of the 2 stride attempts I went to grab mane and couldn’t because he was braided but it turned out I really didn’t need the mane.  I really just need a horse that will allow me to have more confidence over bigger jumps.  The only downside to Cassidy is that he is eight.  I really want something 5 or 6 but I liked him so much that we added him to the contenders list which now has 5 horses on it.

Last barn of the day we saw one horse which I can’t remember his name.  We watched him go on the flat but there wasn’t any wow factor with him that I was looking for.  Lizzy said she liked him and I should give him a try so I did.  No complaints with him and out of all the horses we tried he was the only one that didn’t need you to help him find a spot.  I got a little hung up on his flat work.  I didn’t like his movement very much and I had five horses that I just liked better.  But that is how it goes, you get a feeling about it all and you should get a horse that makes you feel excited.

After a long exhausting day of riding we headed back for the inn for some dinner and rest.  The next day would be our last and we had 3 more horses to see.  Check out the video below for day 2’s rides.

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