Recap of day 1

I am back home and recovered from jet lag so it’s time to go through the trip.  Shout out to the best husband in the world for video editing for me.  To be honest I opened up my laptop and looked at all the video clips that needed to be trimmed and edited together and got overwhelmed and shut the laptop off.  That is when my husband intervened and did all the editing for me.

Okay so day one.  We made our way to the first barn to see a couple of horses.  I got on the first one but didn’t feel comfortable jumping so got off.  Rode the second one and really liked him.  I went ahead and jumped him and pretty much missed all of my distances.  I did get one good one which was not captured on film 😦  I was extremely nervous riding in front of so many people and in a man sized saddle.  The saddle was big, flat and slick and I felt very insecure in it but I needed to give it a go.  The horse, Aris, was a saint and jumped even though he was probably wondering what the hell was happening.  I was told I needed to ride in the German style as the horses are trained that way.  Okay so learning how to jump in a different style on the fly with a bunch of people observing was almost debilitating.

When we got to the next barn one of our agents offered to give tips while I rode which I accepted.  However, she only spoke Czech so any advice would need to be translated.  I figured I would take a jump then come in and get some instruction before trying again but instead I would hear instruction being given on the way to the jump with the english speaking agent trying to translate fast enough.  Needless to say it was chaotic.  We suggested jumping first then getting advice but I think they misunderstood and ending up sitting quietly while my trainer and I did our thing.  It ended up working better that way.  With each horse I got more and more comfortable.

I really liked the horse No Fear, he had a cute jumping style and was comfortable.  However he had a couple of sarcoid cyst that would need to be removed and even then might grow back so I was pretty bummed about  that cause he was great.  So while I am bumming on that the next horse comes out, Goody, and he looks great.  He is big bodied, bay and has a nice jump.  The rider jumps him 1.20 for us and then I hop on.  I feel really comfortable on him and take him over some jumps.  Again I am finding bad distances but he is just rolling with it.  I get him to a particularly bad spot and he just gives it everything and over jumps and we get to the other side (didn’t get that on video).  End on a good note with him.

Last barn of the day we see 2 more which I didn’t think would work and didn’t ride them.  Then they bring out the third horse and he is a gorgeous dark bay 4 year old stallion.  Felt comfortable on him and jumped him around with no problems.  This place had more jumps set so it was great to be able to just take him around and jump whatever came up.

At the end of the day I had 3 contenders.  Completely exhausted we needed to make a 2.5 hour drive to Brno where we would sleep and see more horses the next day.  Enjoy the day one video.  I will post about day 2 soon.

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