Day 1 horse shopping

Running on little to no sleep.  It is  Sunday at 10:30 pm  here in Czech.  Had technical difficulties with the camera so there isn’t much footage unfortunately.  Saw 10 horses today, rode 5 and jumped 4.  There are 3 contenders so far.  We have about 5 or so to see tomorrow.

I wish I would have brought my saddle.  Riding in men’s saddle is difficult since I have 5’2 and all these men are tall.  Got it done and am completely exhausted.  Good news is there are three horses so far I can see myself growing with.  A 6 year old KWPN gelding, a 4 year old holsteiner gelding and a 4 year old holsteiner stallion.

Very nervous riding in front of multiple Europeans since we Americans ride so differently I felt way out of my comfort zone.  After the first couple of horses I became more comfortable with the process and things seemed to smooth out.

More tomorrow.


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