Day 1

My day started really early.  I never sleep well the night before day 1 of a horse show and last night was no exception.  Slept pretty solidly until about 2am then it was in and out of sleep until at last 6:00am rolled around.  Throw on some breeches and I’m on my way.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll throw on some light make-up 🤔

Get to the show and say good morning to my mighty steed and see what kind of mood he is in.  He looks rested and ready to go.  No good morning greeting would be complete without a carrot.  I always give him a carrot every morning of a horse show (a well placed bribe if you will).  Then it’s off to the ring to study my course and watch some people go. 

Now it’s warm up time.  He was defiantly stoked to be at a show again and was jumping around great.  All my distances were showing up and we were clicking. 

As I’m walking towards the ring I go over my course one more time and surprisingly I don’t feel very nervous and that is unusual for me.  So we are in and cruising he is a little amped and needs some little reminders to wait for the spot to show up.  But all goes well and we make the jump off.  The buzzer rings out and we have 45 seconds to get to the first jump of the jump off. He has settled by this time and things are going great until I pull him mid air to the side (I was thinking I was going to splice it but should have positioned him for it before the jump not during the jump).  So we got a rail and it was all on me.  But ended up 8th out of 18.

Few hours break then back for the meters.  He is even more settled and focused these two rounds but a bad spot to the second jump gets us a rail and we end up 8th.  Next meter is a speed round and we cruise around and everything is great but get a rail on the second to last jump.  Didn’t even know it came down until the announcer called it.  It was very windy so I couldn’t hear the rail falling.  BUT we were the fastest 4 faulter and got 3rd out of 8. 


He seems pretty happy about the day.  I always always give him carrots after our show rounds because I’m so greatful that he is so willing to do this for me and has a good attitude about it.  

Enjoying his grain after a big day of jumping 😍

He is all tucked in and we get to do the whole thing again tomorrow! I’ll keep you posted. 

One thought on “Day 1

  1. Man, he’s looking so good! Hard to tell he’s a TB in these pics, he’s really filled out and muscled up. That neck is just 😍 I wish Ty would take some pointers from G 🙄


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