Lesson 2 and 3 until Woodside

Hey guys, so I wasn’t able to get any video of our 2nd to last lesson before we head out to the show but I did get footage of my last lesson.  OK so lesson two went really really well.  We jump 3’3 to 3’6 courses and for the most part did great.  Yes I was still floppy when I saw my spot but this close to a show there is nothing I can do about it.  Not a good time to really focus on changing a long running habit.  But my distances were showing up and Greyson had so much fun being jumped up and getting to go into “jumper mode”.  He looked so pleased with himself afterwards.


Nice warm shower after a great jumping lesson.  Also proof that I do clean him 😀

So for my third and final lesson before the Woodside show we coursed a little bit and ended with some jump off practice.  I was having a difficult time today finding/seeing distances which you will clearly see in the video.   Even though todays lesson wasn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination I still feel like it was a great lesson.  We fixed things that went wrong and I got to really appreciate my horse.  Greyson was such a saint for getting over all these jumps even though I continually got him to bad spots.  He is a rock star and got lots of cookies and an extra long turn out in the big grassy pasture.  Please note that the picture above was just yesterday so in between yesterday and this morning he managed to poop up his entire body.   Sigh, greys….ammi right? Can I get a witness? lol

2 thoughts on “Lesson 2 and 3 until Woodside

  1. LOL, you know I’m right there with you about the poop stains! Our boys sure do know how to rub the green in 🙄 And nice fixes, btw! Totally missed our lesson, that looked super fun!


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