Lesson countdown to Woodside Spring Preview

Sorry it has been so long since I posted an update.  I had a case of writers block but it’s all good because getting ready for a horse show has given me something interesting to write about.

Our first show of the season is rapidly approaching which means I only have so many rides left to practice before the show and I need to make the most out of each one.  Lesson one of three happened last Thursday and we were stuck in the indoor arena due to rain.  And when we do lessons in the indoor we are limited to 3-4 jumps.  Luckily my trainer knows how to keep things interesting and we worked on a cloverleaf pattern.  I compete in jumpers so practicing making turns while keeping my power will come in useful for the jump offs.

Things that went right

  • I asked for my leads over the fences and only missed one
  • Greyson was soft and easily adjustable to each fence
  • Kept my power through almost every turn

Things to work on

  • Keeping my leg tight when I see my distance.  You can see in the video going to the last fence I get extremely floppy.  This is my worst habit that I am working on overcoming.  Every time I concentrate on try to fix it I will miss my distance and Greyson will have to bail me out.
  • Staying straight and light to the fences.  Sometimes I will hold my inside rein a tad strongly resulting in Greyson’s nose being a little off center which means he needs to work harder to keep rails up.

Two more lessons until we leave for the Woodside Spring Preview.  So excited to get back out there and show again!  Planning on blogging behind the scenes stuff at the show so stay tuned for that.

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