St. Patrick’s day

Quick post but just had to share this. ¬†Greyson is being festive for St Patrick’s day and is wearing his green


Yesterday was the first day G got some turn out time since the rain and he defiantly made the most out of it.

First time posting on the go so it has to be short and sweet, I got a barn full of horses wanting to be turned out so I got to run ūüėĀ

Mud, turn outs, and thoughts of sunshine.

That awkward moment when you turn out a grey and brought back in a bay…

Could have sworn my horse was grey…

That awkward moment when you turn out two thoroughbreds and they start racing each other in the arena…



That happy moment when horses go to roll and there is no mud in sight ūüėÄ


Short post today.  I am working on couple of post with more exciting content.  I think the rain is over, so as soon as the ring dries up we can start gearing up for show season!



This week in riding lessons

Our ring has finally dried out and the course is set! ¬†Man if felt great to be in the outdoor ring again. ¬†Finally getting to jump a whole course was everything I wanted it to be and more. ¬†After months of being stuck in the indoor I started losing confidence in myself because the two jumps we have in there were starting to look pretty big to me. ¬†After a lesson I would ask my trainer how big the jumps were and she would say 3 feet and my heart would sink. ¬†I could have sworn there were 3’6 at least lol. She explained to me that our indoor jumps are narrow so they seem bigger than they are. ¬† A few weeks ago she set the indoor jump to 3’3 and I nearly had a heart attack! It’s so big!! I don’t remember 3’3 looking that big! ¬†Can I even do this? ¬†How am I going to get to a meter twenty if a meter looks that freakin big!?!

So my fears have subsided a little after having my first lesson in the outdoor ring. We jumped around a course that was set from 3’3 to 3’9 without any fear. ¬†However,¬†I do a very weird thing with my leg when I approach a jump, as soon as I see my spot I loosen my leg and take it away from the saddle for a split second. ¬†It is so weird and I can’t stop myself from doing it. ¬†It’s almost like a nervous tick or something. ¬†I really need to work on keeping my leg nice and tight on the way to jumps. ¬†The other thing I do is half halt to many times in a line. ¬†Greyson will jump in and I will need to half halt and then let go. ¬†I was half halter for 2 or 3 strides before let going forcing us to a really deep spot. ¬†That was an easy fix though and we did better the second attempt. ¬† I’ll post both tries so you can see the difference.


A still from our lesson.


Am I the only one that gets really happy when I mix my horses grain up? ¬†I get this really satisfying feeling when I pour Greyson’s Smartpaks in his bucket every day. ¬†It makes me feel like an excellent horse mom.

Greyson is an ex racehorse so he was worked very hard from a late yearling to about four years old. ¬†Horses are not done growing during this time so most OTTBs have some kind of wear and tear that maybe another breed won’t have so early in life. ¬†For this reason I feed Greyson a joint supplement. ¬†I love Smartpak and choose to get my supplements through them. ¬†I have him on the SmartCombo Senior Ultra Pellets which include a joint, hoof, digestive, and omega supplement. ¬†I also throw¬†in a E-Se-Mag pellet which is suppose¬†to support sore muscles for horses in heavy work. ¬†I am not sure he absolutely needs this one but it doesn’t hurt since we do jump two to three times a week.

As an added bonus for feeding the Smart Combo Greyson is eligible for Colic Care which will cover colic surgery if needed (knock on wood) up to$7500.  Recently I have heard some people knock Smartpak for the requirements of the Colic Care program.  To be eligible you horse has to:

  • be fed the Smart Combo Pellets everyday¬†‚ąö
  • get¬†vet administered¬†recommended vaccines¬†‚ąö
  • have a dental check up and if needed teeth floating¬†‚ąö
  • a¬†yearly health exam¬†‚ąö
  • a¬†yearly fecal exam¬†‚ąö
  • be on a vet recommended deworming program ‚ąö

So the people that have been naysaying the Colic Care program are not happy with the program requirements. ¬†I don’t see the big deal personally. ¬†Everything on the list is something that your horse needs anyway right? Maybe not a fecal and health exam but it is inexpensive and can be done along with the vaccines or dental exam visit. ¬†Maybe if you have a big farm with lots of horses and you do your own vaccines then yes maybe this program isn’t right for you because vets do charge much more for vaccines. ¬†But if you have just one or two horses then I think being in the program is great. ¬†Everything on the list above I already did with the exception of a fecal and health exam. Only now I am covered if heaven forbid Greyson needed colic surgery. ¬†You could also buy insurance which would cover colic surgery but if you are already doing this yearly maintenance on your horse then it can’t hurt to have this added protection.

Well that is my two cents.  I made a little video of me preparing and feeding Greyson his lunch hope you enjoy!

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